HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2

From the Editor: Before the formal review HPC.ru on PDA-communicator HP iPAQ h6340 offer you the story of our constant readers Dmitry Druzhinin, kindly provided to us for publication. This material is written by seasoned professional enough and opens wide the advantages and disadvantages device from HP. We hope that an informed point of view, the author will help you learn more about a new PDA and make for themselves the necessary conclusions. Editorial HPC.ru. To date, communicators cease to be by some high-tech toys, "a show of force, moving into the category of devices that consumers demand. Company hp, one of the leading players in the PDA market, in 2002 attempted to enter this market by launching "limited edition" model HP Jornada 928, proudly called WDA - wireless digital assistant. It was a trial balloon, which the company, moreover, intended to run in the European market - the communicator supports GSM 900/1800. But then followed a merger with Compaq, and HP Update there were more pressing problems than progress rather "niche" devices, especially as the Jornada line was phased out, replaced iPAQ. Completely abandon the idea of ​​"all-in-one" company is not going, though supporters and opponents of such devices in the management of PSG (personal systems group, the CCP - their patrimony), seems to have prevailed alternately - confirmation of this is the model of the hp iPAQ 5150, possessed useless SIM-card slot, which has puzzled many owners of this gadget. In the end, long-suffering fans of high-tech devices from HP was rewarded - first communicators h6300 series appeared in the roadmap of the company, and later embodied in hardware on the shelves.

Supplied with HP iPAQ h6340

Ascetic hp iPAQ h6340 include language does not turn - opening the box, once you see that device in front of you high-end equipment is designed to trifles. In addition to the communicator HP iPAQ h6340 can be found here:
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
  • Cradle with two compartments: PDA and a spare battery (the LED on the front panel of the cradle is intended to indicate its status)
  • Miniature 41-key QWERTY-keyboard, tacked on to the bottom of the PDA, which also made the function keys, including calling and hanging up
  • Stylish leather holster, effectively staring at the waist
  • Wired mono headset that ends with "Jack" 3.5mm
  • 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter designed for connecting to your device set with more commonplace in the mobile world connector
  • Universal (110/220) Power Supply
  • Adapter to connect the power supply to the PDA on the road, without a cradle
  • Naturally, the user manual (in English) and iPAQ Companion CD with MS Outlook, ActiveSync and the bonus software from the manufacturer (in our case - and also CD with language)

Design of HP iPAQ h6340

HP iPAQ h6340 has a color scheme common to the iPAQ h-series - silver casing with black inlays. However, the "corporate" style of performance from the latest handheld computers hp in this series - much Rounded down body - here is weak. On the contrary, we can say the device conservative in form and slightly inclined to Cubism, but, nevertheless, it looks more solid and rigid than cumbersome. In the men's hands, of course:)
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
The speaker on the top antenna visually lengthens the PDA, making it sleeker and allows fair to assume that the device is equipped with wireless interfaces. Unlike many smartphones, the front panel HP iPAQ h6340 is not overloaded with controls.Their arrangement is standard for Pocket PC - the bottom is Round Four-joystick, a pressure-sensitive, and almost in a row with four buttons - two are common to most PDA function, responsible for launching the mail client and address book, and here are two the remaining are used for the call (or answer an incoming call) and rebound - they bear the appropriate icon.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Thus, by default, to invoke the scheduler, or return to the Today will have to use a stylus or a finger (those who want, of course, may reassign the functions of the buttons HP iPAQ h6340 with the standard applet in the settings menu). At the top of the panel, the center is one of the speakers, who during the conversation is just around the ear. The right of it - three LEDs indicate the status of all wireless interfaces, GSM / GPRS, bluetooth and Wi-Fi, for them - on / off button device.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Since the HP iPAQ h6340 - PDA, the microphone can be found where expected - at the bottom of the CCP, some buttons. However, it is referred to the left, that automatically means left-handers are much less comfortable talking directly with the device itself. Situation may correct wire hendsfri, delivered.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Those who bothered to mess of wires, thanks to the support interface device bluetooth, can use wireless hendsfri, which, unfortunately, is not offered by the manufacturer (there are only headphones of this type). Most likely, every owner of the CPC considered this method of conversation and will - standard wired headset is not eternal, it is not offered separately (and in general - do not come across a headset for phones with jack "jack 3.5 mm). You can use any headset with a "Jack" 2.5 mm, the benefit of an adapter is included, but in terms of usability and aesthetics of such a solution is at least debatable.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
But back to the design. The sides of the PDA include insertion of the dense rubber, in addition to aesthetic and bears a purely practical load - a device rests securely in your hand.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Bottom left is a hole, hiding the button Reset, top left - a voice recorder button, and above it under the rubber plug is a connector for a headset / headphones.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
On the right side are (from top to bottom): the volume buttons + / -, slot SD (supports MMC and SDIO) and surprise (!), Another button without any markings. By default, it is responsible for running the utility that manages the work of wireless connectivity (GSM + GPRS / bluetooth / Wi-Fi).Without documentation of its existence is not easy to guess, and in my case it happened quite by accident when browsing applet responsible for the buttons (in which, incidentally, will not be able to remap buttons for volume control). Buttons recorder and volume control are located so that it is very convenient to use them, they would have been particularly useful for scrolling in the programs that are intended to be read. However, Haali Reader they are not "seen", so adjust them for the performance of any functions other than the basic, most likely will not be easy.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
At the bottom of the PDA is only a connector for mounting in a cradle / connection extensions, which, however, it is logical, since the low HP iPAQ h6340 can often be completely hidden snap-on keyboard. In the fastened state of the keyboard as close as a button located on the front panel of the CPC and the microphone (located there). Therefore, the keys on it are duplicated and placed duct (!) To voice easier to reach the microphone. So you can talk with an attached keyboard, though at the risk to attract attention - very much an unusual sight.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
All the buttons are rather convex, good tactility - the moment you clearly felt. Since the number of keys is small, most of them are multifunctional. When you click on the modifier, highlighted in blue, the alphabet keys turn into the cursor, character, digital, control, etc., and change the operating mode can be fixed.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Of course, the buttons too small, and in order to learn how to type spore, one would have to sweat. However, a huge minus the keyboard - the lack of Cyrillic on the buttons, making it virtually useless to those who wrote the "great and mighty." Labels on the keys of this size has not yet been invented. Another minus - no backlight, yet the CCP - not a desktop system, and they have to use at different levels of illumination.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Upper end of the HP iPAQ h6340 includes infrared port, default to the right, closer to the rear of the CPC, is the stylus holder. Stylus itself - small, plastic, but in the hand is convenient.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
The back side at the top is the most mysterious element of the first design PDA - plastic insert gray. Had to listen to a variety of assumptions about her appointment, before a page with detailed specifications of the communicator has helped to establish the truth. At the site of insertion in the model h6315, which has the same design is eye lens built-in camera (a "secret" button, as described above, just cause the application to control the camera). In addition, on top of the back of the HP iPAQ h6340 is the second speaker, louder than the front. With his help reproduced signals an incoming call, the triggered reminders and alarm clock, etc.Under the antenna near the speaker is a rubber cap, made in a tone with a body color and how to cover up the jack for connecting an external antenna. However, in describing the device (see link above) about it does not say anything. Below is the battery, simultaneously performing the role of the posterior wall of the communicator. Noteworthy for its attachment - in addition to the latch, which is already tightly holding the battery, PDA has also a lock, the locking latch in the closed position. Moreover, the translation lock in the open position electrically disconnects the mains from the main battery, that is, you must first close the lock, and only then include PDAs. On this score there is a mnemonic warning on the label side.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Under the battery is SIM-card holder. The design of it quite easy and requires no additional tools for installation or removal, and in addition a reliable and time-tested (the same used in many models of mobile phones, for example, Motorola CD 920/930).
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Finally a few words on a case-holster. PDA quickly and easily placed and removed with one hand, the valve has a magnetic mount, but is held securely. Under the flap are two pockets for SD / MMC cards. In addition, inside there is a gap, allowing you to plug and use a wired hendsfri in the stowed position, the valve closed.


Processor and memory

Mobile question of compromise between performance and battery life is always acute. Perhaps that is why the heart of the CCP became TI OMAP1510 processor 200 MHz, located by today's standards of performance even below average. However, be aware that too rapid discharge due to a powerful processor the battery would deprive both the possibility of communication with the outside world, so access to stored information - everything.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
RAM, HP iPAQ h6340 has 64 MB of which user has access to 57 (the rest are busy running files, copied back to system speed and performance). The PDA has 64 MB of flash-rom, 20 of which are available as non-volatile memory for storing user data - iPAQ File Store.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
On the one hand, the volume of non-volatile memory is not large (but more than enough for storing critical information contacts, mail, meetings, etc.), on the other - on the current value of SD / MMC card will allow without significant damage to the purse increase its volume until desired.

Display, video, sound

The PDA uses 3.5 "transflective matrix, which supports 65 thousand colors with QVGA resolution of 240x320. Installing the matrix of a higher class (VGA) would entail a rise in the price and so not a cheap device, as well as growth in energy consumption. In addition, there is another "but" - stitched on Windows Mobile 2003, which does not support this video mode for VGA screens, as well as opportunities to work in landscape orientation display. Perhaps in the future will be released an update to Windows Mobile 2003 SE, but at the moment it is not. Brightness Display can be adjusted quite smoothly (21 step) that allows you to set a comfortable level in almost any ambient light. The quality of the matrix display - at altitude.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
The level of the phone volume is sufficient to conduct a conversation in a noisy halt. Music playback quality on HP iPAQ h6340 subjectively good. It should be noted that the headset / speaker front and rear speaker volume levels are regulated separately.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2

Food and energy

The device is equipped with Li-Ion Battery 1800 mAh, optionally available battery twice the capacity. In addition, a backup NiMH battery, which will replace one of the main battery to another without losing data. Proprietary power management applet opportunity PDAs from HP - configure backup battery. This setting is guaranteed to provide the time within which the device after the battery discharge will be able to save your data and programs that are in volatile memory. Like many new PDAs, HP iPAQ h6340 is also able to recharge the battery when connected to USB-port. In this case, of course, the charging time is increased compared with the process of charge from the regular power supply.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
For measuring runtime package was used SPB Benchmark, which showed the following:
  • MP3 playback time on built-in speaker at max volume and the display is off - 17 hours 11 minutes
  • While playing a video with audio output to the built-in speaker for maximum volume and maximum level of backlight - 7 hours 50 minutes
  • While reading at the maximum backlight - 8 hours 14 minutes
  • While reading at the lowest level backlight - 17 hours 17 minutes
  • Waiting time when the GSM module and the display (backlight off) - 19 hours 57 minutes
Results, we can say excellent. Using a HP iPAQ h6340 processor with low power consumption coupled with high-capacity battery gives an obvious effect. The results again showed a significant contribution to power consumption makes the screen backlight. Keep in mind that in real life battery life with the active conduct conversations using GPRS to connect to the Internet and check email, bluetooth to sync with a PC and, say, WiFi for file sharing, will be considerably less. Nevertheless, one can argue that even with very intensive use for the whole day charge will last.


C using a package of SPB Bencmark held a general benchmark CCP, whose results are shown in the table. Also shown for comparison are the results of tests of other mobile devices from HP (click on image to see an expanded table).
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Performance Communicator HP iPAQ h6340 predictably did not become champion, but, as mentioned above, for devices of this class factor battery life is more important. Nevertheless, I want a processor (or Video) worked quickly - sometimes begins to slow down your interface when switching between tabs, the disclosure of the menus, etc. Optimum seems the approach of using a processor to date, the average class: for example, Intel PXA 255 400 MHz and utilities, the regulatory clock. Notorious balance of performance and duration of works attract still a bit to move towards performance.These thoughts are visiting and watching the video (the tests were conducted using the media player BetaPlayer v0.04). Of course, to play cards with SD DivX-files copied directly from the CD, the performance will not suffice. Built-in BetaPlayer benchmark shows 42.25% of the required performance while playing "original" test file (480x386, bitrate 657 128). Recalculated for the "screen size" PDAs with proportionally lower bitrate file (316x240, 283 128), the results are also disappointing - 75.49%. Tolerable result was achieved when viewing 3 versions (300x230, 221 96) - although the benchmark and showed 84.35%, however, the view is almost ceases to irritate the "hunting". Conclusion: The video playback - not the strongest aspect of this device.

Communication capabilities

As mentioned above, for the management of wireless interfaces, responsible single utility iPAQ Wireless, started by tapping the icon in the lower right corner of Today.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Or by clicking on "classified" button, as described above.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
These and some other settings can be accessed from a bookmark Connections control panel.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2


Since we are talking about the device, then we should start with the opportunities that the device gives the owner the use of cellular networks. As mentioned, HP iPAQ h6340 - PDA 4-band, range selection is done manually, using a utility located on the Personal tab in Control Panel.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Then "turn on the phone with the help of the above utilities iPAQ Wireless, is searched online, and offered to configure the connection to your ISP.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
To make life easier in the database program "Connections Settings" contains installation for a large number of mobile operators in different countries, including for the Russian. If your carrier is not in the database - not a problem with the wizard, you can create a GPRS or GSM CSD connection to the user's preferences.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
As a normal mobile phone, HP iPAQ h6340 has the ability to receive broadcasts in networks mobile operator should only configure the reception, calling the appropriate utility of bookmarks Connections control panel.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
To control the functions of the phone uses the standard Phone program from the Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Opportunities it has repeatedly been described, in a nutshell: exercise and receive calls (including those with a contact number), sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages, work with voice mail, save incoming and outgoing calls, record conversations statistics, call forwarding, selection type of incoming call alert (vibration / melody, or a combination thereof), choice of ring tones, profile support (including Mode Flight Mode, which turns off the transceiver), etc. Simply put it this way - the communicator can do everything, what can a modern cell phone. Want to underline the high sensitivity receiver HP iPAQ h6340. It so happened that in the room where testing was conducted, the level of the signal nearest cell operator UMC is very low. To properly take the call (for a variety of phones) have come out of the room, but with the h6340 can say almost without straining.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
The device supports GPRS Class B (ie, for simultaneous packet data exchange and will not be able to talk), GPRS Multi slot Class 10 (ie 4 timeslot to timeslot, receiving and 2 on the transfer).


The device is equipped with a module WiFi, supports the work of standard 802.11b. The sensitivity of the module is very good - when communicating with a laptop hp nx5000 with built-in WiFi module from Intel through the 4 walls (brick + plaster) utility Intel PRO Set, running on the laptop shows the signal level as something between a "good" and "very good - 4 divisions of 5. Transfer to PDA file a capacity of 11 425 KB took 64 seconds back - 41 seconds.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2


Bluetooth-module integrated in the device is made by Widcomm. It conforms to the specifications bluetooth v1.1.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Since we are dealing with the communicator, the driver simply has to be integrated with support for bluetooth-profile hendsfri, which is observed. The rest - as usual, supported by all the standard features:
  • Explore a Bluetooth Device - search for devices with active Bluetooth adapter
  • ActiveSync via Bluetooth - synchronizing with a desktop computer or tbukom via Bluetooth interface
  • Browse file on a remote device - a connection to the remote device to control its data
  • Connect to a network - the network connection (LAN or Internet)
  • Join a personal network - the connection with one or more devices to exchange data
  • Exchange business cards. - The exchange of business cards
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Services, which provides self PDAs:
  • File Transfer - content management PDA
  • Information Exchange - Exchanging business cards
  • Bluetooth Serial Port
  • Personal Network Server - a connection with one or more devices in the network
  • Dial-up Networking Server - the use of other devices, PDA as a modem for Internet access
  • Hands Free - the use of other devices like PDA Headsets
Able to verify work with hendsfri was not, but when you link with iPAQ h2210 Pocket PC and laptop hp nx5000, as well as transfer files and contacts, no problems.

Software HP iPAQ h6340

In a standard set of PDA programs in addition to components included in Windos Mobile 2003 PE by default, comes the following applications. ClearVue PDF (the link is a complete set of ClearVue) - PDF-viewer tethers, with the possibility of demonstrations, in the presence of card VGA-out, through the projector (unfortunately, the "Russian" files does not understand, and when displaying some "British" observed problems).
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
ClearVue Presentation (the link is a complete set of ClearVue) - a viewer of presentations in the format of PPT, with the possibility of demonstrations, in the presence of card VGA-out, through a projector. Files with Cyrillic characters are displayed correctly, but, to avoid problems, they should be in PowerPoint 97.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
HP ImageZone - a program for viewing images and videos, organizing a slide show.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
iPAQ Backup - a program for creating and maintaining backups of data and programs in the user part of the flash-rom or memory card. Created likely based on the popular Sprite Backup.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
SIM Contacts - a program to read contacts from SIM-card and transfer them into a standard PDA address book.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
HP Profiles - a program to select and profile control of the CCP (signals, lights, wireless interfaces, etc.).
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
iPAQ Keyboard - program to configure the keyboard.
HP iPAQ h6340: Attempt No. 2
Frankly, for a device of this class set of "stitched" Software could be richer. At least, it could add the program to a fax.


MSRP for HP iPAQ h6340 ample for the European region is high - 699 euros for Russia and the CIS, it is thought it smaller - the study offers this PDA according www.price.ru showed the average price of around $ 720, in Ukraine (according to the price. ua) price of the same order. Frankly, on the one hand the impression that meeting the "imperative of our time", HP has translated into their hardware is not the most recent developments, if only to remind themselves on the market of communicators.On the other hand, despite the modest, quite frankly, performance, its main function - to ensure smooth and Qualitative communication with the outside world by all available means - a device to cope with "excellent". Therefore, the attempt number 2 should recognize a success. Forward to try number 3?


  • Poor performance platform (sometimes retarding interface problems when playing videos, etc.)
  • Useless in our environment Keyboard
  • Outdated OS
  • The large size


  • Support for GSM / GPRS all ranges
  • Equipment of all wireless interfaces
  • High capacity battery provides long battery life
  • Product eminent manufacturer that provides a high level of service support
  • Affordable price (including communicators, of course:)
  • Rich equipment (headset, keyboard, cover)
  • Good sensitivity GSM-module
PS The lack of HP iPAQ h6340 Screen VGA-resolution and slots for CF memory card can not enlist in the active or passive devices, as can cause arguments pro and contra. The same applies to the design - every man to his own taste. The author thanks the company "SPETSVUZAVTOMATIKI" for the CCP. The authors, translation:

Dmitry Druzhinin