Motorola Accompli 009: I rang the phone ...?

Motorola Accompli 009: I rang the phone ...?
To describe a normal Russian language (ie without the vigorous expressions and interjections), absolutely no words. But to describe it is necessary, because this ... contraption - a very curious thing. This may even want to, if you first understand - what exactly it is. In short, we have a product from Motorola. And you know that Motorola is still the restless inventor. As "zamotorolit" anything, just hold on. At this time the firm has released a wonderful Zateinitsa wireless communicator Accompli 009 - just three communication standard GSM 900/1800/1900 and support GPRS. That is a high-speed Internet connection - up to 144 kbit / s - read it already in his pocket. Oh, and all associated amenities - WAP-Browser, email client, SMS. It is only necessary to find where to say and how to listen. Find these secret holes, which, whatever one may as well at this ... chepuhovine - no. But this is a communicator. Hence, the phone too. If there is no phone in the device - what is this device, right? And the phone seems to not ... That's what it is - this is the Motorola Accompli 009!

We are looking to speak

No, I'm joking. There is a new PDA phone. Motorola manufactures communications consoles to their cellular phones, which extend the functionality of devices. But the Accompli 009 is capable (able? Or - is capable of?) To work independently, without attaching an external cellular phone.
Motorola Accompli 009: I rang the phone ...?
The secret is that to use the device as a phone, you must use the headset covert hands-free. Jack for a headset is located on the front face of the device. However, for the dialing device to disclose. From the usual cell phone visible components of Motorola Accompli 009 only built-in antenna. By the way - just a small antenna in your pocket does not seem to interfere. The rest of this thing unusual. So unusual that it is not immediately will deal. But we - we will try.

A computer with a pack of cigarettes

Motorola Accompli 009: I rang the phone ...?
Let's start with the exterior. When folded communicator - it's rectangular, with rounded surfaces and corners, plastic box. Dimensions - 92x72x25 mm and weighs 187 grams. Presented? Yes, with about cigarette pack. Or - a large, slightly razdobrevshuyu and there was a breadth cigarette pack. But much smaller than a PDA ... Let's just say - Dimensions Communicator Motorola resembles a thick electronic notebook. This will be the most accurate. Discloses a device similar to the same electronic address book, keyboard PDA or laptop. The angle of inclination of the upper part of the screen can be adjusted. Removing the device, we find a miniature keyboard QWERTY - in the lower, thicker part of the collapsible housing. And at the top, that is, hinged lid, we see a bright and contrast color screen TFT-active matrix. Again, more precise - small screen, not the screen because the size of this "window to the world" just 55x35 mm. A little more than a matchbox (our domestic box matches the Americans do not know how, using some kind of pathetic scraps of paper). The screen is indeed small, but its resolution - 1 / 8 VGA. What these things mean in terms of pixels, say difficult - the firm only indicates the above description ... One-eighth, then one-eighth (well, not the only one-ninth). Matrix device capable of displaying 256 colors, that is to use 8-bit color.For such a good little girl, desktop icons look simply marvelous. Keyboard Accompli 009 is also unusual. In front, in the heart, is cruciform control button on-screen cursor (or more precisely - a choice of menu items). Around her in a very artistic manner are four control buttons system (including telephone). Another eight adjacent brace buttons are designed to run basic applications - address book, mail client, browser and so on. Control keys take more than a third of all keyboard unit. Above are the main keys - full QWERTY keyboard with a top digital side. Judging by the markings, many keys assigned multiple functions - as a keyboard handheld computers. Alphanumeric keyboard is an arc - inclines Motorola designers for fresh fashion trends. True, the keys are so small that it would be better to call them buttons. And because of the ergonomics are not talking - the keys are extremely elegant aesthetic reasons.

What he does

Motorola Accompli 009: I rang the phone ...?
The new device can be a great addition to the usual cell phone, but not as a connected device, but a completely autonomous. It is possible to synchronize phone books and organizers of two devices, using the infrared port, which is set in the Accompli 009. In stationary conditions, when not nowhere to run, holding the phone to your ear, it is convenient to use the communicator. And if you have yet to run - no. Some Internet communicator capable of partially replacing the big computer. Agree, even WAP-page look better in color (though what a difference - the same WAP). Anyway, for e-mail and short message service SMS Accompli 009 will fit perfectly. It can serve as an electronic organizer with a built-in calendar, notepad, address database, clock and alarm. Finally, it can be used to have fun - a device contains several games. In addition, Motorola Accompli 009 can operate as a digital voice recorder, becoming thus a regular multifunction gadget, whom now divorced by the thousand. That is, the machine is even nothing - an attractive, well-made, miniature, and simply pleasant.

That he can not

And yet, the new device - is not a phone. In the sense - not a complete unit for cellular communications, how we used to see him. Imagine a situation when you have to answer an incoming call. Communicator is equipped with a vibrator and is equipped with lithium-ion battery of 600 mAh, which is in standby mode should be sufficient for 90-130 hours, and talk to 120-160 minutes. That is, it is clearly aimed at mobile phones, instead of at work in the office (this is also evidenced by the miniature size of the unit) ... And how do you do? Throw yourself rummaging in his pockets, getting entangled in wires of the headset? Or become permanently wear a headset like a hearing aid? "Hands" you have absolutely "free", but how (and how!) To call? And how quickly, a couple of buttons to perform certain actions? For example, a call from your address book room and then adjust the volume? Not so hot are complicated and rarely used operations. But on a normal phone, they performed a finger, but here it is necessary to first open the device, and then find the keys (and a whole bunch of them), recall the desired combination (to poke - with the then-abundant). That and look - sweat.

Some conclusions

To acquire such an unusual instrument, as Motorola Accompli 009, gotta love a similar technique, or even her looks. Personally, I would ... have tried. It is interesting though. Fresh. And suddenly, in practice, the tiny device will be more convenient than the old boring phone? How to find this out in theory? Plus, of course, image. Bought a 009 - felt like a 007 ... Whatever you may say, the emergence of these devices make our lives brighter, more varied and perhaps more comfortable.It is only necessary to understand these buttons and not be nervous when the desired key is located. In addition, spouses, children and a cat in this certainly not to blame.

PS secret communication device 009 to present 007:)

Incidentally, the first buyer of a personal communicator from Motorola - Accompli 009 - has become a kind of firm that provides secrecy military units. At home personal communicator Accompli 009 is a conventional hybrid tri-band mobile phone (with a full QWERTY - keyboard) with a handheld computer, designed for peaceful purposes is quite simple and unclassified users. However, connecting to the networks of direct access (Direct Connect Networks), this smartphone into a device, "secret communication". At this point, and without a smart phone will capture, biometric determine authenticity, as well as send a personal signature, information from credit cards and barcodes. Use of these smartphones will detect and deter such sensitive cases for military secrecy as unauthorized access to the network, the loss / theft, theft of information and hacking attempts. The authors, translation:

Nicholas Nadezhdin